1xBet Login and Registration Process

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1xBet Login and Registration Process

1xbet login

1xBet is one of the most popular bookmakers in the world. It was founded in 2007, and it offers a unique gaming and sports betting experience thanks to the numerous markets it lets you bet on. This bookmaker has many popular casino games along with other products such as poker, bingo, live games, and more.

If you're looking for a bookmaker that provides a trustworthy payment system for deposits and withdrawals, 1xBet is the one for you. Bettors can even use it from Android and iOS devices thanks to its reliable mobile application.

However, you have to register before enjoying all of its benefits and start betting. This article describes several 1xBet login and registration options step-by-step. Fortunately, they're all significantly quick and easy to complete – one of these works even for those who don't live in its countries of operation.

Registering to 1xBet Using a VPN

Using a VPN is a quick and easy method that ensures your registration goes off without a hitch, even if you don't necessarily need to use one. Here are the steps you need to follow to start playing as soon as possible:

1st Step - Download a VPN

ExpressVPN- 1xbet login

Many people require a VPN to log into the 1xBet official website, so you might have to download one. Some free options available are SurfShark and ExpressVPN.

The reason why you need one to access the site is that it's blocked in many countries. A VPN offers optimal access while allowing you to bypass the geo-block that may prevent you from opening a personal account from wherever you are.

Those who try to access the bookmaker's site without a VPN may find themselves unable to or even blocked.

2nd Step - Choose the VPN Location

Most VPNs let you choose your ideal server location. For example, if you want to register without any hiccups, a safe choice would be Canada. Once you set it up, restart your browser and head once again to the 1xBet official website to begin your registration process.

Of course, if you're from Canada or some countries in Eastern Europe, you don't technically have to use VPNs to complete the 1xBet login process. Nonetheless, they are handy for people who have concerns about their privacy, and many people recommend using them for that purpose.

1xbet vpn login

3rd Step - Fill the Requested Details in the Registration Form

Once you head to the website, click the green “Registration” button on the top right corner. 

1XBET – Regsitartion button

This prompts a straightforward menu with several options, such as registering by phone, e-mail, social networks, and one click.

Registration By Phone

By phone is one of the most straightforward and safest methods available. You only have to search for your country code on the list and put in your phone number. Afterward, insert the verification code you receive. People with promotional codes shouldn't forget to put them here to enjoy some registration bonuses. Regardless, click “Register” after filling out all the required information to finalize the process.

1xbet login - phone verification

PAY ATTENTION! Don't forget to click on "Confirm" after inserting the confirmation code!

code confirm

4th Step - Complete Your Registration and Start Betting

After completing the registration form, 1xBet generates and sends an automatically created client ID and password. It would be an excellent idea to change the password immediately and enable two-factor authentication to secure your personal account even more.

Once you do, you can immediately head over to the website and place bets on many different games and sports events once you make your first deposit. There are various payment systems in place, so most people should have no trouble adding funds.

1xbet - identificación de cliente y contraseña

Accessing 1xBet with a Direct Link

As mentioned, some countries let you access the official website directly without issues. In these cases, the 1xBet login and registration procedure is quicker than usual as you can skip the part where you install a VPN, but it's nearly identical otherwise.

While you do skip the safety that using a VPN brings and other bonus features that you could otherwise enjoy in the mobile version, it's still a valuable alternative. Just head directly to the 1xBet website and start the registration from the third step of registering using a VPN, where you fill in all the necessary information after choosing your preferred account verification method, country, and preferred currency.

Registering Through the 1xBet Mobile Application

1xbet app

Many people familiar with how the 1xBet betting company works try to download and install its mobile application on Android or iOS devices. After all, this lets sports lovers and other customers get in on the action quickly from anywhere.

They could be on a train, a pub, at work, or even on other sports sites. With the official 1xBet app, new players can easily place bets while enjoying some additional bonuses. You can access this program from various Android and iOS devices, such as TV boxes, tablets, and smartphones.

The user interface of the mobile version supports both portrait and landscape modes, so you can choose whichever appeals to you the most. Moreover, the program is regularly updated, just like the recent event results and awards on the main website.

However, how can you create and log in to a new account through the program? First, you have to install the app on your preferred device.

1st Step - Installing 1xBet App

To obtain the 1xBet app, you must first head to its official website and find the link with the download prompt. Fortunately, it's readily available at the top left corner, besides the computer icon.

There you have the option of downloading the program for both devices. For Android, it's a direct .apk file link. For iOS, it's a link to the iTunes Store or the App Store.

Installing 1xBet App on Android

People who try to install the program on Android might come upon a message saying that they don't have permission to install the app. However, that's expected. Just head over to Settings and tap on the search to look for “Install Unknown apps.” Once you click it, select the source you want to permit to install the program.

Some older devices might have that option on the Security section, under “Unknown Sources,” where you only have to turn it on. Once you have done so, you can finalize the 1xBet Android installation.

Installing 1xBet App on iOS

Fortunately, installing the program is significantly straightforward on these devices. All you have to do is download the program from the App Store to create an account and complete the login procedure. You need to set up an Apple ID to be able to do so, but that's something iOS explains and helps you do while you're setting up your phone for the first time, so most people should have one. If not, head to settings and tap iTunes and App Stores. There it explains how to set it up.

2nd Step - Registration

After you successfully download the mobile application, you can create and log in to your personal account. Those who already created an account using either of the previously described methods only have to sign in to enjoy the advantages of this service.

If you haven't, open up the app and click on the hamburger icon on the top left corner. Click “Registration” and proceed just as you would from the third step of registering to 1xBet using a VPN, as the process is the same. Remember to change your password and use any promo codes you have, as it may let you enjoy a hefty bonus.

3rd Step - Enjoy the Advantages

The 1xBet program has a modern, minimalistic design that loads fast, even on older devices. With it, you can play any games or place any bets you want. You can also change its layout to display the overview and odds of the sports you're most interested in and hide those you don't want to view.

Moreover, 1xBet offers an extra “Welcome Bonus” to first-time members, but it does require you to have made a deposit. Fortunately, the payment systems are just as vast on the app as on the main website, so it shouldn't be an issue.

Another advantage that this bookmaker offers to mobile users is the opportunity to get free bets. These provide an opportunity for bettors to avoid having to make an extra deposit, as it gives them an additional winning chance.

What's the Best Way to Register and Log in to 1xBet?

1xbet - how to

All of the described methods are simple, so it's hard to call one the best. However, there's only one viable option at all times if you consider that many people might be unable to access the website due to the geo-block. That is, using a VPN to complete the 1xBet login and registration process.

While the method is a bit longer than accessing the site and creating an account directly, it works for everyone and offers an extra degree of safety. Regardless, it's an effortless and fast way to sign up with 1xBet.

Should you have any trouble logging into your account after creating it, you can contact customer support through the online site and the mobile app for help. You could also press “Forgot password?” and proceed to make a new one.

1xBet Login - Conclusion

1xBet - In Conclusion - final rating

1xBet offers a massive range of betting features that leave many bettors amazed and somewhat overwhelmed with information. Moreover, there are numerous ways to place bets on this site, from sports to casino games to cricket, kabaddi, and other sports events.

This betting company also safely handles your money transactions regardless of whether you are on the online site or using the program. It even offers the opportunity to become a partner through an affiliate marketing business venture that works with a referral link.

Clients with interest in this bookmaker can complete any of the listed login and registration procedures unless they're from a geo-blocked country. In this case, they can safely complete the 1xBet login procedure using a VPN with ease.